Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saturday Night Mash-Up: Motorbikes, Wine and Surveillance

On Going the Right Way

As I pedaled home up 14th street tonight going the RIGHT way, I was nearly run down by two large men on little motorbikes going the WRONG way. Keep an eye out around Columbia Road for the renegade bikers, they don't seem to love the traffic laws.

While their disregard for the law is troubling, their heft straddling the dainty bikes is kind of amusing. If anyone gets a picture, send it over.

On Drinking at Home

An anonymous tipster tells us to look for D'Vines to open this weekend or Monday. As of Friday night it was still quite shuttered, but with this weather it might be nearing the time for a glass of pink wine on the stoop!

And yes, THL (the height life) shamelessly supports pink wine even if it jumped the shark with that New York Times style section article two years ago.

On Target's Surveillance Cameras

Lisa Raffensperger, an intern at WAMU and THL tipster, reported on the new Target's surveillance cameras for WAMU radio. Will the extra surveillance provided by the Target cameras help our neighborhood?

As regular readers of the Columbia Heights listserv know, the DC crime cameras have delivered some disappointment, but can our superstore do better? What would William Jordan do? Listen to Lisa's story HERE and discuss.

On the Way Things Were

A flashback courtesy of Google Earth's satellite image.

Does anyone know what year this would have been?


Anonymous said...

I would guess between early 2001 and 2002. The rowhouses on Monroe and 14th behind the Tivoli are still being built. For a more precise date you could check that. The Payless on 14th and Park is still there- so demolition for dcusa hadn't begun. oh, and my roof is done so i got that done around spring 2002 maybe.

Anonymous said...

it has to be later than that...the giant is there...i'd say it's 2004

Guy Incognito said...

I peg it at spring or summer '05. I moved to MtP in August '04 and the Giant and Park Triangle were not nearly that far along that summer.

Anonymous said...

yeah you're right about the giant. i just thought the rowhouses were up first. and it's weird that the condos on the southeast corner of 14th and park were being built before demo had even started on dcusa. it's just a big blur in my mind.

InPetworth said...

hmm, I guess early Spring 2006. I think the groundbreaking for DC USA was later that spring. The Giant opened in June 2005.

Anonymous said...

I'm going with the guy who says '04 - look to the west and see the newly completed Bell MCS, and Lincoln MS. They opened their doors in '05, The Tivoli had people moving in as early as March of '04.