Monday, April 21, 2008

WSC Update: Pre-Sale is On, Opening is June 1st

Washington Sports Club is taking orders and giving tours. I called to ask about the actual opening and was told June 1st, with hours of operation expected to be from 7AM until 10PM.
Alas, still another month before the stair-climbing begins, but at least it will be open before the sweltering DC summer hits hard. Though I must take issue with a 7AM opening time. Is there any gym in DC that opens that late? Most gyms start their classes as early as 5:30AM (U Street Results, for example). Hopefully that's just the soft launch?
Here's the email they sent out to those who registered for updates on the WSC website:

Hello Spud Lite,

Thank you for joining our WSC at Columbia Heights VIP list. We would like to let you know that we will be starting the pre-sale season tomorrow Monday April 21st from 9:00AM to 9:00PM. Also, let your friends and family know about this great news. Please email me back or call me at 202 986 2281 to make an appointment and give you a tour of the facilities or if you have any questions.

Thank you in advance and looking forward to hear from you,

Gonzalo Perez-Tamayo
General Manager
Columbia Heights-WSC

Update: The WSC hours should be better than I thought. Rumor has it the open time on weekdays will be 5:30AM, not 7:00AM as I was initially told.


Anonymous said...

Any idea what the rates are?

Spud Lite said...

Someone emailed in and told us the pre-sale is as good as $50 fee and $50/month.

Gina Grace said...

Hi! Nice Blog!
I was there yesterday for a tour- they are doing a special this week (while supplies last! Sign up now!) of $49/month with a year long contract. Sadly, I am married to a military man and we'll be moving before a year is up, so when I asked about month to month rates, I learned that the fee then is $80/month, plus about $150 joining fee, THEN about $50 for a membership cancellation fee when I wanted to end the membership. To which I said, "no thanks." (Oh- I think there was also some sort of "processing fee" for the trouble of charging my account on a month to month basis...

BUT---The guy giving my tour said that they'd be open M-F at 5:30 AM, perhaps a bit later on the weekends.

So- if I were planning to live in the DC area for a year or more, I totally would have signed up on the spot. But alas, it is not for me. Back to the Takoma Rec Center :) (You have to bring your own towel, but the price is right!)

Elizabeth said...

I was just there yesterday evening and they also said hours would be from 5:30am to 11pm. Also, the pre-sale was only for the first 500 people and apparently they were nearing that number when I signed up around 7pm. I didn't really want to wait until June, the that presale was a sweet deal--less that what I was paying at the YWCA and much closer to home. If you sign up now, they said you can use the non-home gyms during off-peak hours, though I haven't tried yet, obviously.