Sunday, April 6, 2008

CH Openings: Don't Be Fooled

When I saw bodies moving about inside Potbelly at 9:30PM on Friday night, I assumed the place had opened. It's appeared ready to go for days.

Alas! Don't be fooled like I was. Friday night activity does not equal open.

Potbelly opens tomorrow, Monday, April 7.

Elsewhere in our ever more bustling slice of metropolis, Staples put some signs up, though they still lack shelves. Word is they won't open until May or June.

D'Vines, sadly, is still sitting there, ready to go, without a single bottle of wine to show for it.

Radio Shack looks promising and may open soon, though paper still covers the windows.

And today, Best Buy lacked the Target traffic. The line was non-existent when I checked out, but the store is quite fabulous. Here is a peek inside in case you haven't been:


kate said...

The Best Buy was very exciting when E and I went there last week. We looked at laptops, didn't purchase, but there seemed to be a good number of people in there looking at cameras and computers, especially for an hour before closing on a Sunday night.

How long has the Score! Center been there (The one next to the Rita's)? If that is new, I think that is probably the most interesting development. S! is closing offices around the east coast, so to open an office on 14th street, where they usually have offices in Potomac and Fairfax is very interesting.

IntangibleArts said...

Pretty psyched about d'vines. Between that & Julia's, I'm set for neighborhood joy.

Spud Lite said...

Score! has been there for a long time, since I moved in at least.

I've been looking forward to d'vines for weeks now. I feel like they're teasing us!