Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cuffed in the Metro Circa 7:50PM

Metro police caught someone doing something wrong tonight in the Columbia Heights metro station.

An older woman was cuffed, calm, and waiting with two Metro officers as I exited the station just before 8:00PM. She appeared to be complaining about the cuffs, but cooperating.

Anyone know what happened?

ArtBart speculates that she was caught with food or drink. I didn't think they cuffed you for that, just fined you... I hope not anyhow because I totally snuck a few bites of a cookie the other day. That 12 year old girl was arrested for the french fry incident right as I was moving to Washington, so I normally comply with the food rules, but I was famished and there was a cookie in my purse! It could have been worse, I could have snuck the cookie while also leaning my butt against a metro pole. Anyhow, I'm off-track.

Anyone know why that woman was cuffed?

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