Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ALERT! William Jordan has a blog! ZOMG!

William Jordan, aka Bronat aka CH Forum Troublemaker aka ANC Commissioner, HAS A BLOG!

Check it out by clicking here.

He says, in a forum post, that he hasn't promoted it yet. Well the word is out and I am totally going to tweet about it like... now.

Except that he also hasn't updated this year, and has only posted four times ever. Umm, I'm not sure if that even counts as a blog yet. I mean, I guess it counts, but come on ANC Commish, you have more to say than that!

There is also an entire forum thread devoted to BroNat's view of the world, blogging philosophy, criticism of locals, and thoughts on the mainstream media.

Hey William Jordan - we'll link to you if you link to us. Deal?


Jon said...

I'm starting to think you're stalking me on the Columbia Heights Forum.

Anonymous said...

Don't encourage this jackass. He rejects all change to the neighborhood, and would prefer it the ghetto that it used to be.

Jamie said...

"There is also an entire forum thread devoted to BroNat's view of the world..."

Having been trying to understand his misused-multisyllabic-word-laden missives for years now, I would be very interested in his view of the world.

When I used to actually try to read though his screeds, I always got to then end and said to myself, "ummm.... what?"

I don't bother any more.

Spud Lite said...

Jon - I might stalk you on the forum. Or, I stalk William Jordan... Seeing as I am unsure of which one of you it is, I'm going to hope it's you.

Jon said...

That's cool, I've never had a stalker. Do I have to do anything special, like send you a card on your birthday? Is there a Be Nice to your Stalker Day?