Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Real Housewives of DC... Do we have to?

Apparently, the Real Housewives franchise wants some DC action.

I'm willing to wager that this show falls apart.

I'm also willing to nominate my friend DS to participate, since she has a house and a husband and a cat. And maybe ArtBart and I will participate, too, since they have a thing for letting unmarried people on these shows anyhow. They, like Beyonce, love the single ladies. And then DS and I will gang up on ArtBart and start a fight in front of DCUSA, probably over a man or some shoes, and then we'll hang out at Commonwealth and talk about it and then we'll all go home and talk about it some more... and play Dance Dance Revolution or maybe Sega while drinking red wine from d'vines.

Or... Bravo could just get some Georgetown/Bethesda/Cleveland Park/McLean botox beasts whose husbands have no concept of what their likely estranged wives just signed them up for. Yeah, that sounds more like it.


ArtBart said...

The Heights Life Productions is currently casting for The Real Housewives of Columbia Heights. For reals.

kate said...

And E's lack of desire to live in the city denies me yet another chance at fame. Curses! :)

Spud Lite said...

You can be in our web series. You can be our weird friend from the 'burbs. We'll take anyone. Only rule is that you must invent your own plot. You in?

Skywalker said...

This would be much better if it were "Desperate Working Wives of the Golden Triangle/Metro Center DC"...I would watch! Hell, I might audition