Monday, May 11, 2009

CVS: The Perfect Spot for Late-Night, Last-Minute Gift Shopping

OK, I wasn’t really gift shopping at CVS around 10:30 pm last night but if I needed to this would be the perfect spot. For the Green Thumb, weed killer was 50 percent off, as well as some sort of garden gnome bobble head doll. Near the back left corner of the store there is a section dedicated to “As Seen on TV” products but sadly not the ever-popular Snuggie or ShamWow. For the less than savvy gardener, though, you could buy a variety of Chia Pets. The biggest surprise though was the gift card kiosk by the greeting cards. It wasn’t in order, but I saw gift cards of varying amounts from major retailers and chain restaurants.

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Cyndy said...

Although it had never happened before and I don't expect it to again, I suddenly found myself doing ALL of my Christmas shopping on at 8:00 on Christmas Eve at CVS last year for the ten family members on my list. Everybody got something that they liked and I took up the slack with gift cards. The whole excursion cost me $900 and two hours.