Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fatal Shooting on 14th & Columbia

There was a fatal shooting last night right on 14th Street at Columbia, with cops and neighbors around. The update from Councilmember Jim Graham:

Dear Friends, I am now just returning from the crime scene at 14th and Columbia. A 19 year old male was shot in the head, and killed. I have the name/address of the victim but I am not releasing it since his family may not have been notified. I am told he lived in the immediate area. Our prayers and sympathy go to those who loved him.

The shooting was targeted, and reportedly related to gang beefs that have been ongoing since the murders in Dec/Jan. Another young adult, Paul Jones, was shot and killed by LaFonte Carlton this past January on the 1300 block of Columbia. Carlton is now facing two murder charges.

There has been a constant police presence in this block ever since.

In this shooting, at least three police officers were right there at the shooting. There are various cameras, including an MPD crime camera at 14th and Columbia, and other cameras on the buildings. All of that is now being checked for evidence.

All of this reinforces my support for fast Council action on Mayor Fenty's omnibus crime bill. We held a press conference on that on Thursday at 14th and W.

Guess the whole notion that a well-lit well-trafficked street keeps you safe just went out the window in CH.


Shawn said...

How would I get on councilmember Graham's distribution list?

Anonymous said...

He uses the Columbia Heights Yahoo group Listserv thing.

me said...

man dont put murders on my man fonte' yall aint see him do it so dont blame it...innocent until proven fonte'