Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Punch Club Friday with Room 11's Dan Searing

Dan Searing, soon to be opening Room 11 in Columbia Heights, is hosting another Punch Up at the Warehouse Bar near the Convention Center this Friday. The Heights Life went to the last one and strongly advises you to check it out. Searing also says they are "weeks" not "months" away from opening Room 11!

From the WaPo's Going Out Gurus:


Punch Club at the Warehouse

Punch Club, the weekly cocktail night that was such a hit at the Warehouse in January and February, is making a special return to Seventh Street tonight between 6 and 8. Bartender Dan Searing whips up large bowls full of potent "adult punches" and then ladles out glasses for $5 bucks a pop. For this event, Searing is bringing back the killer Rocky Mountain Punch (rum, champagne, maraschino liqueur and lemon juice) and Bombay Government Regulation Punch (rum, cognac, limes, sugar, nutmeg), and serving up Pisco Punch (with South American pisco liqueur) "and maybe another one or two into the mix." Beer and wine will also be available, but I can't imagine why you'd drink anything other than the punches.

Searing's forthcoming wine and cocktail bar, Room 11, will be open soon in Columbia Heights. Two inspections have already been passed, Searing says, "so we're talking weeks, not months."

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