Thursday, October 22, 2009

Countdown Columbia Heights: Best First Date Spots

I know a thing or two about first dates in Columbia Heights. And luckily for us single folks in the neighborhood - we have a lot of great options for a table for two. Sure, every first date has it's own vibe and you should pick a location based on your unique scenario - but today let's talk about the generic first date and rate our options based on that.

The goals: Avoid the awkward, keep it light.

Countdown Columbia Heights: <3 <3 <3 Best First Date Spots <3 <3 <3

5. The Heights - If you can dine outside, The Heights is an excellent option. Also good for a brunch first date.
4. Tynan Coffee & Tea - If you need a quickie - hit Tynan not Starbucks. Why? Because Tynan serves booze.
3. Red Rocks - Red Rocks is just good enough that you'll enjoy it, and just bland enough to make it stress-free.
2. Commonwealth - It's dark here. Dark is always good. So is beer.
1. Room 11 - Wine, good desserts, cozy without pretension, priced to avoid pressure.

Bonus section! The "what ifs..."

What if your date is ugly? Ruby Tuesdays - nobody will catch you.
What if your date is shy? Wonderland or Red Derby - a few rounds will get 'em talking.
What if your date is awful? Emergency errand, run to Target and hide.
What if your date is broke? Julia's Empanadas by the fountain.
What if your date is vegan? No, don't go to Sticky Fingers. Go home. It won't work unless you're also vegan.

(...and now I will wait for that person who LOVES red meat and also LOVES a vegan to chime in via the comments section...)

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Alex said...

Red Rocks seems too loud for a first date, unless you're so focused on their hotness that you don't care to hear what they're saying....

If you arrive at The Heights and your date is a few minutes late, they won't seat you until s/he gets there...

as for Sticky Fingers, as a non-Vegan I still love the place, but maybe not for everyone. But still to me cafes in general lack a "date" vibe unless it's a morning after kinda thing.