Thursday, October 1, 2009

Countdown Columbia Heights: Dry Cleaning

So as of today, I've officially done my dry cleaning at three fine Columbia Heights establishments located between Irving and Park. For a while, I was a Georgetown Valet girl... it was smaller, cheaper and seemed like more of a mom and pop shop than OXXO next door. Then Kenyon Square opened up - it was close, they'll send your shoes for repair, and I rarely had to wait in line.

But tonight... tonight I picked up my first round of cleaning from OXXO. They are greener... they are 24 hour... and my clothes... they smell... well, they don't. Yes, I think it was more expensive ($34 for two girl-suits and 1 errant jacket), but have you seen their 24 hour pick-up? And seriously, the chemicals might be greener - but that stuff... it smells like NOTHING. My clothes smell of NOTHING. Brilliant!

So now, I bring you - Columbia Heights Countdown: Best Dry Cleaners.

3. Georgetown Valet
2. Kenyon Square
1. OXXO - try it... you'll like it.

These are the only three I've tried, so feel free to give your favorite dry cleaner a shout-out in the comments section.


Alex said...

I can't imagine going anywhere other than Oxxo given the 24 hour pickup... nothing can beat that (except when the machine is broken).

Jon said...

I like New Amsterdam cleaners, in the New Amsterdam apartment building at 14th and Fairmont. It doesn't have 24 hour pickup, but it's open 7-7 every day but Sunday, and it is definitely a mom-and-pop shop. Well, just mom. She alters clothes, but I don't know about shoes. And it's cheaper than OXXO.

Anonymous said...

New Amsterdam scorched a pair of my partner's pants and then accused him of trying to swindle them when he went in to let them know what happened. We're never going back there again.

ArtBart said...

I just got two pairs of pants back from Kenyon Square. Maybe the place has a new process, but they pants came back the most clean and press they have ever been.

Anonymous said...

have only used gtown and xoxo - both are beyond expensive for women to take their clothes to, will not go back to either.