Friday, October 2, 2009

Thai Tanic II Now Open in the Allegro

As Spud Lite mentioned, today Thai Tanic II is finally open for business in the Allegro at 3462 14th Street. The original Thai Tanic location in Logan Circle is one of my favorite Thai restaurants in a city of many Thai restaurants.

So in keeping with a The Heights Life tradition ...

COUNTDOWN: Thai Tanic Menu Picks

5. Bird Nest on Fire
Chicken, peppers, chili paste and some greens. Hot, hot, hot but so, so, so good.

4. Pad Prik Sod
A standard on any Thai menu but always well-prepared here. Good for those who need a mild dish.

3. Tom Ka Goong
Spicy, smooth, and just a bit tart. This shrimp and coconut soup is a great way to start a meal and perfect for the cooler days of early fall.

2. Pad Kee Mao
Drunken Noodle is a common dish, but I find that Thai Tanic’s is better than the rest. Their noodles are superb.

1. Spicy Eggplant
If I am going vegetarian, I will pick eggplant over tofu most days. In this dish it is all about the sauce.

The full menu is available on their website at (Warning, there is music.)

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Jamie said...

I ate there Saturday night and while it sucks there was no booze yet, one must assume that will be addressed soon enough.

I have never eaten at Thaitanic I before but I thought the food was great. Very interesting menu. I had a spicy beef dish (forget name) and unlike the vast majority of so-called spicy Asian food served around here it was SPICY! I can handle a lot of heat and it still sent me to the bathroom to blow my nose. Delicious.

The room is cool and the bar area looks great too -- it's right by the entrance and has televisions, which make it possible that it could generate some sort of lounge scene as well. While I wouldn't normally think of a thai restaurant as a place to grab a drink and a snack, it's a nice setup and seems well suited for this. Mandalay in Silver Spring, for example, has a bit of a regular lounge scene so it doesn't seem unprecedented. A nice alternative to the other bar hangouts in the area.