Friday, October 2, 2009

Openings and Not Openings: IHOP, Ellwood, Thaitanic II

Some updates on the latest openings and potential openings...

William Jordan (aka BroNat) reports in the Columbia Heights Forums that Ellwood Thompson's grocery store might still make it's way to DCUSA - and he keeps my IHOP hopes alive:

Ellwood has a signed lease and deposit with DCUSA. They still plan to come. Economically they believe it's better to wait than to invest now what is required to move forward. They are in wait and see mode. Ellwood has to weigh the risk of the current lease costs of an empty space with the millions it will cost of opening a new locating in this financial market.

The construction going on is related to Ellwood but not exclusive to it. DC USA is adding another enterence to the internal mall and elevator to the garage. This will support Ellwood when it comes and other retailers including the IHOP which is on the way.

The Prince of Petworth says today is actually the day that Thaitanic II will open up. Full service starts tomorrow. More details here:

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