Tuesday, April 15, 2008

CH Retail Investigation: The Results

Columbia Heights is buzzing with business today... or, perhaps it's more accurate to say that CH is buzzing with attempts to create business in the future. There were crews putting up signs around DC USA, work being done inside the new WSC, and the CH hot dog stand is back!

Washington Sports Club - Monday? Sort of
The doors are open and the machines are lined up, but the sweat will have to wait. I was told WSC would open on Monday, but that's only to sign up new members. Workouts won't begin for "another few weeks."

I managed to snap this picture before being walked out.

D'Vines - Divinely Dark
Despite the rumors this blog helped monger, D'Vines is still dark. Garbage bags cover the windows and nary a soul was milling about inside.

For now, the Giant wine aisle will continue to suffice.

Payless- Signs of Progress

Payless has added some signage and crews were working hard on the front of the store.

The land of BOGOHO (buy one, get one half off) is sandwiched between Radio Shack and the main DC USA entrance.

Hot Dog Stand - New Spot, Same Dogs
The hot dog stand that used to populate some sidewalk space outside Mayorga is back from vacation and now stationed outside of Staples. Is it just me, or does a hot dog stand make the whole neighborhood a little friendlier? Everyone likes hot dogs, expect for those of you who like tofu dogs. Moving on...

The Vitamin Shoppe - Waiting on Metabolife

I have no idea when this place is supposed to open. The signs have been up for a while, but I've heard next to nothing on it.

Today's investigations yielded little beyond a few Fed Ex delivery slips. Apparently nobody has been around to collect the incoming shipments of fish oil capsules and Super Duper Weight Gainer.

Tivoli Square - Nothing New
There is life beyond DC USA in this area, so I ventured north to check out what's new at Tivoli Square. The answer: not much, but there is a sale at Nash's sports.

Also, it seems all the shops in this area are Obama fans, including Cinnabon and the salon.


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Awesome update, thanks!

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Check D'Vines this weekend or Monday

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