Thursday, May 1, 2008

Combo Blog? No Thanks.

Over on the Columbia Heights News Forums, New2CH proposed that all the new and old local blogs combine forces for one new UBERblog.

Though we appreciate New2CH's enthusiasm, we don't think we want to join up with any of our blogosphere colleagues. This blog, right here, it's special. We have something the others don't have: a strict anti-NoVa stance that we embrace with borderline absurdity. Would others tolerate that stance? Well, we can't take the risk that they won't! It's what we do here at the Heights-loving Heights Life.

However, New2CH is on to something, which is that these blogs do spread neighborhood news. Perhaps an alternate proposal is afoot... maybe a place like Columbia Heights News should have a page that aggregates the local blogs? Pull from all of us for the UBERblog, while still allowing each site to maintain its own voice?

Anyhow, thanks to New2CH for noticing us in the first place. We're just happy to be here (and not in NoVa!).


New2CH said...

Cool, just thought I'd put it out there. If you have a unique voice, obviously you should have a unique blog, I was thinking if the blogs were more about just getting news out there, collaboration makes sense, but I certainly in no way meant to suggest you should sublimate your voice / philosophy. I just hope you keep going strong, as the more info on, and discussion of, neighborhood happenings, the better! I've got a link to you on my page:

-- New2CH

Spud Lite said...

I've seen your link! I'll add one back to you, too. I guess I thought I had.

There are a few sites that aggregate blogs in DC, and I think for Columbia Heights that would be cool - then you get a few takes on things and people can keep working with their friends.

I might have to track down the Columbia Heights News webmaster and propose this.

New2CH said...

Sounds great. I think someone on that same thread proposed the same thing and provided a url, that would be great if CHNews would add that feature ...