Thursday, May 1, 2008

CH Listserv Post of the Day: On Target Muggings

Sent to the Columbia Heights listserv from "Janet" on Wednesday, April 30:

Your suggestion that an earlier post concerning a mugging at the CH mall parking lot was an "urban myth" is remarkable and offensive. I think if you were the victim of this type of physical violence, you wouldn't take such a smug attitude. Anyone paying attention KNOWS that this type of incident is an every day occurence in Columbia Heights. Why would we think a parking garage in a new shopping center would be immune to the damaged kids that haunt this part of the city?

And to the DC police and CM's office that might happen to read this post, ANSWER the god damn question about this mugging!

This post was responded to on the listserv, though Janet's question wasn't answered (yet). This blog, however, hears from our own tipsters that the Target parking garage mugging was, in fact, a myth.

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Mr T in DC said...

When I first moved to the neighborhood in 2002, I joined the CH Yahoo listserv with high hopes. After a few years, I signed off for good and now only participate in the CH News Forum. The Yahoo listserv, while there are some nuggets of good information there, they are buried in an avalanche of personal diatribes, bitter disagreements, and a couple of posters who treat it as their own mouthpiece rather than as a shared neighborhood resource. In short, some of those people need to get their own blogs (or jobs, or a life, or something...)