Friday, May 2, 2008

Listserv Post of the Day

Ah, the there-are-no-good-bagels-in-DC rant takes another form. From today's Columbia Heights Digest:

My Potbelly Review - Two thumbs Down
Posted by: aisha_mills
Fri May 2, 2008 9:01 am (PDT)

Anyone know where I can get a decent breakfast sandwich to-go in the Columbia Heights/U Street area? I just had an awful experience at Potbelly… Disclaimer: Sure, I admit it. I’m biased. I’ve never liked Potbelly anyway—I’ve found their sandwiches to be small, sub-par, and expensive... Yep, you guessed it, I’m a Booeymonger snob…

Nonetheless, I just stopped in to the new Columbia Heights Potbelly today for the first time to get a breakfast bagel. The service was extremely slow—although there was only one couple in line in front of us, my girlfriend and I waited 15 minutes for 2 skinny bagel sandwiches with egg and cheese. I should have known I’d be disappointed when I had to instruct the employee on how to actually “skinny” my bagel sandwich, despite the big fat sign on the wall advertising—go figure—“skinny sandwiches”.

I ended up with a burnt bagel chip “sandwich” that had two sad tablespoon size egg beaters in the middle. The staff at the register was so embarrassed that they had another one made for me which ended up being a bit better, but still unappetizing. Come to find out, they don’t even use real bagels, but some spongy “skinny” wheat product with a whole in the middle. Yuck (I’m also an adopted New Yorker, so I want REAL bagels damn it!). So much for having real food for breakfast. BTW, this took another 10 minutes even though I was now the only person in the place.

My review of Potbelly’s offerings for what its worth: If you’re into gourmet fast food, stick with Chipotle, and if you want a good deli sandwich, walk up to Subway or treat yourself and go across town to Booeymongers. If your thing is yuppy ambiance, just go to Busboys… If you want to sit and have a cup of “Starbucks coffee”, a cookie, and read the paper, then just go across the street to Starbucks—or avoid the corporate-cash-cow-scene all together and have your latté and sweets at Mayorga or Sticky Fingers… And if you want a decent breakfast sandwich, you’re better off making one at home.

Speaking of Booeymonger, wouldn't it be great to have one in the neighborhood?


Jimmy D said...

I always thought Crumbs and Coffee on Columbia Rd did a pretty good breakfast sandwich. Good bagels, great coffee. Not technically CH, but close enough.

ArtBart said...

Crumbs and Coffee is a great spot. I used to live down the street and it was a favorite of mine. I stopped by a few months ago and saw that the bagels are now even tastier.

Alison said...

let me get this straight, this poster wanted a "skinny" "REAL bagel damn it." Some people are impossible to please. I also hate it when a person has one bad experience and feels like they have to discourage everyone else from going there. Keep in mind the Potbelly's is still kind of new, with new staff and like all places needs to get the kinks out.

Emily said...

Heller's Bakery! It's on Mt. Pleasant street, but that's just a hop from Columbia Heights.