Sunday, May 11, 2008

Columbia Heights Forum Mixer? Yes, I said Mixer!

Apparently some folks over on the Columbia Heights News Forums started getting rough with each other.

But, it seems they enjoyed it enough to plan a mixer! Read the exchange here.

We spoke with one of the event planners at the Wonderland the other night, and this thing is a go.

When: Thursday, May 29th, Time = Nebulous
Where: The Wonderland, of course
Who: Columbia Heights News Forum Fighters and YOU!
Why: Because why not? ArtBart says it's on her calendar.

Also of note, the Price of Petworth is planning a PoP Happy Hour for May 21 at Looking Glass.


Mr T in DC said...

I'm hoping to go and will mention it on my blog as well. Considering the usual crowds, how will any of us recognize each other?

Spud Lite said...

I suppose we should all look around awkardly until we make awkward eye contact?

shannke said...

I'll have my "most elite" outfit on, sitting at a table roped off in periwinkle velvet.

Anonymous said...

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