Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Columbia Heights = Coffee Haven?

How much coffee can CH handle?

This question is about to be tested. We learned last week that Mocha Hut is heading into Highland Park. The news prompted a discussion about the plethora of coffee shop options in the area over on the Columbia Heights News forums. And previously, ArtBart blogged about the CH cup o' joe.

Between Mayorga, Starbucks, the Target Starbucks, Sticky Fingers, Cinnabon, Columbia Heights Coffee, now the Mocha Hut and anyone I've left out - this is officially a well-caffeinated neighborhood.

So who will survive the Great CH Java Battle? Is there a market for this much mocha in Columbia Heights?


Brad said...

As a Seattle transplant, I'll continue to say that Columbia Heights is insufficiently caffeinated until one of these shops offers BOTH of the following amenities:

1) Free wireless at all hours
2) Open until 9pm or later

Mayorga met this standard for awhile, but now they shut off their wireless in the evening to force out the few laptop users who hadn't already fled from the chaos of happy hour.

Starbucks is open late as well, but -- to my knowledge -- does not have free wireless.

How am I supposed to blog in the evenings without a steady flow of coffee?!?!

Parkwood Person said...

Another Seattle transplant here and I couldn't agree more.

We'll have "enough" when there's a shop on every block. Viva variety!

Anonymous said...

what's the latest on the caribou coffee at DCUSA?

Spud Lite said...

I couldn't find any updates on Caribou from their website, but we'll look into and let you know if we hear something.

ArtBart thinks she heard something to the effect of Caribou not coming.

Anonymous said...

I thought initial DCUSA plans had Caribou in the corner space at Irving & 14th--across the street from metro entrance