Sunday, May 25, 2008

Listserv Post of the Day: Love Class?

We read the listserv so you don't have to. I edited this post down to the essentials:
Weekly class on preparing for love!

I am sending out this invitation to single women who 1. want to find a
partner and 2. have decided to prioritize making space for and claiming what
they want...

Cost is $200. 50% of this will go to a nonprofit, (or, with your permission,
to Obama's campaign).



Anonymous said...

I think supportive groups are great, and I think Obama is great. This goes to show that "yes we can" and "the audacity of hope" filters out into every area of people's lives and won't just be in the white house... good luck to them, if that is what they want.

fairmont-er said...

We prepare for so many 'other' aspects of our lives like career, finances, health etc- and neglect preparing for relationships because we assume they should be 'easy' and no one should work hard for them. Yey for this Obama-girl. She is supporting America by helping us reduce out atrocious divorce rate ;) and helping Col. H, by reducing the number of people who are cranky because they have not gotten 'some' for a hot minute!