Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Houring with the PoP

The Heights Life hit the Prince of Petworth happy hour tonight.

Upon arrival at Looking Glass Lounge, it was a relief to see some semblance of the old Temperance Hall. A sign, however, does not taste as good as a fuji and fontina sandwich. As much as we are loyal to our Wonderland owners and support their Petworth endeavor, we're always going to miss the Temperance Hall menu. That burger was the best.

But to be fair, the food we saw at Looking Glass seemed like it would taste quite good, and the food we ate did taste quite good.

We spent the dining time trying to scope out the PoP. At first I thought the back of this head might be his:

I was mistaken. Turns out this is the back of his head:

Note that the outdoor area of Looking Glass was open, but on this May night it was cool enough that Matthew turned on the heat lamps! On this point, my mother would say: "See, there's no global warming." And I would reply: "Actually mother, one indication of global warming is increasingly extreme weather patterns, hot or cold." Mother's reply? "Whatever."

Anyhow, thanks to the Prince of Petworth for hosting a lovely happy hour. We made some new friends and drank a few beers. What more can you ask for on a Wednesday?

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