Friday, May 16, 2008

Listserv Post of the Day

Honestly, your bloggers do more than just celebrate drinking in the neighborhood.

From the WardOneDC listserv:
WINE & BEER at Pete's New Haven Style Apizza

Pete's New Haven Style Apizza, located in the Highland Park building at the Columbia Heights Metro, 14th and Irving Streets, now has wine and beer! We're starting off with four beers on draft this weekend: Allagash White, Yuengling, Dogfish Head 60-Minute IPA, and Dominion Lager. Because we just obtained our license today, we probably won't have a full Friday night's supply of all four brews, but rest assured we'll be restocked tomorrow. We're also working with a distributor to offer a selection of bottled beers starting next week, including a great Italian summer favorite, Peroni. Stay tuned! On the wine side, we have five reds and five whites, all Italian, with a range intended to match the flavors of your meal, from light and summery to fruit-bomb reds. We'll publish a detailed list shortly. Pete's has been open for three weeks now, and we are most grateful for all of the support and kind words. If you're from Connecticut, make sure to tell us! We're beginning to keep a map highlighting the town of origin of out Connecticut guests!

Mike Wilkinson

202-332-PETE (7383)

Sunday-Thursday 11A-10P

Friday-Saturday 11A-11P

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