Sunday, May 11, 2008

Get your papers, pens, and printers on May 24

Staples is coming! Staples is coming! The sign on the door reads, opening May 24, so start making your shopping list. Here are The Heights Life we are hoping to get some snazzy pens and a hole puncher.

RESPONSE: Spud Lite here. Although ArtBart seems psyched about this Staples business, I must wonder... between Target and Best Buy, aren't the Staples goods covered? And with Fed-Ex Kinkos right across the street, don't we have the office crapola market saturated? I'm just guessing that my new pens will be Target pens. Back to you ArtBart!

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AS said...

I don't think the office crapola market will be saturated because the market is bigger than CH. I don't live in Columbia Heights anymore but I have been waiting for YEARS for this Target and other stores to open there. Like it or not, we're all heading your way because I can't stand going to NOVA or Rockville Pike either!

p.s. I see we have similar taste in photos - sorry, I did not see yours until after my posting.