Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A bar website launches and cupcake eaters wanted

The things that turn up in my Facebook feed:

Meridian Pint writes: "Definitely a work-in-progress, but we now have our website up and running..."

Columbia Heights Day writes: "WHO WANTS TO PARTICIPATE IN THE 2nd ANNUAL STICKY FINGERS CUPCAKE EATING CONTEST???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? We have 10 at-large spots to fill..."

That's a lot of question marks, but Sticky Fingers cupcakes are quite delicious. And glad to see Meridian Pint moving along towards its opening, even though it's a few months away.


Jon said...

Why do bars and restaurants think they need super-fancy animated websites? I've been looking forward to this bar ever since I first heard about it, but the website makes me want to punch someone. I hope they make better decisions for the rest of their business.

Spud Lite said...

Agreed some are overkill. I like Room 11's. Social's is trying way too hard.