Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Countdown Columbia Heights: Crappy Crossings

So I was doing "Random Rankings" in the neighborhood each day. But then some commenter said that Americans don't want rankings - they want COUNTDOWNS like the Germans want the Hoff. This Hoff argument was pretty solid. So today I bring you: COUNTDOWN COLUMBIA HEIGHTS!

Today I am counting down the most annoying intersection for pedestrians in Columbia Heights.

Countdown Columbia Heights: Obnoxious Intersections!

5. 14th and Perry Place (a solid example of upper 14th where crosswalks are meaningless and buses blow by)
4. 14th and Euclid (a hill, a shifting road at the intersection, a gas station, and no way to predict where the heck a car is going)
3. 14th and Kenyon (this DCUSA inspired crosswalk is wholly vexing)
2. 16th and Columbia (too much, it's just too much)
1. 14th and Park (this light takes about two years to change and yet the traffic is also never given the green light, at 14th and Park nobody wins)


Anonymous said...

The pedestrian walk lights at 14th and Park are timed such that crossing Park has the same light as crossing Kenyon. If you're young and able, fine. If you're older, handicapped or with small kids, not so fine. Plus, it means that each segment of foot traffic has to wait when there's no real reason. People see that there's no reason and breeze right on by - which encourages people to feel like they can just wander out whenever... even when they're crossing traffic on Park with that precious green light. I refuse to drive through this intersection any more. It was bad before, but with the construction, it may be the worst in the city, actually.

Jamie said...

The whole light situation on 14th/Kenyon/Park is screwed. Nobody actually waits to cross Kenyon, I don't think. It says Don't Walk 90% of the time even though there is no possibility of cars crossing your path the vast majority of that time.

I usually just to avoid crossing from south of Park Road since it's the twilight zone down there. I cross 14th on the north side of Park and Park on the west side of 14th where things are more civilized, and you can tell if anyone's coming when you jaywalk.

Anonymous said...

It may only be temporary but the crosswalk signals that are covered up in burlap at 16th/Park, Park/Pine, and Park/Hiatt are very dangerous also! Automobile drivers don't seem to realize that pedestrians have no signals and are becoming very aggressive towards pedestrians who are just trying to stay alive.