Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Save Our Post Office! (And Add Another!)

As I mentioned two posts ago, the "Columbia Heights" post office is on the chopping block.

My first question when I heard that news was "what post office?" Then I thought about it and realized they are talking about the Georgia Ave. post office, which I've never even been to due to its utter inconvenience. Councilmember Jim Graham points out that not only do we want to avoid closure of the Georgia Ave. location, but we also need a new one around 14th and Irving - where we used to have one. Here's Jim Graham's argument and call for action:

Dear Friends,

This morning I received a media call indicating that USPS was considering
closing Georgia Ave P.O. at Georgia and Morton. It has been named "Columbia
Heights" since USPS closed the former location--on the 1400 block of
Irving-- in the 1990s and relocated it.

We need a new post office back at 14th and Irving, and we also need to keep
the post office on Georgia at Morton. The large number of elderly, alone,
along the 14th St and Ga Ave corridors justify these actions! In addition,
with its new residential and retail, 14th and Irving is vastly changed since
a decade ago.

Please express your views on this to our Congresswoman, Eleanor Holmes
Norton, by going to her website and sending an email. Click this link or
copy and paste it into your internet browser's address bar:

Bests Councilmember Jim Graham


Anonymous said...

The georgia avenue post office is a deplorable crap hole. Shut it down. Open one where sushi nori used to be

Ignacio Albarracin said...

Two things:

1) We should close the post office on Georgia Ave. It is inconveniently located and, frankly, every time I go there it seems to be empty - probably because getting there is such a pain in the ass.

2) We need a new post office near the Columbia Heights metro. That's where people in our neighborhood gather. That's where our public services should establish themselves.