Tuesday, August 4, 2009

THL Random Rankings: Top Five CH Shoe Stores

Ok, so I can only really think of five places to buy shows in CH at all. But hey? Why not rank them.

Top Five CH Shoe Stores
1. Simply Soles, buy online or visit the store on Park Road
2. Payless, cheap - cute - convenient
3. Marshalls, picked over diamonds in the rough
4. Target, cause they usually have your size
5. Nash's Sports, a limited supply for my personal needs

What should we rank next? I'm thinking top five CH business question marks. The question mark being... how do these places stay open? Perhaps we'll do that one tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

places to get a haircut? Oh wait...

Spud Lite said...

We have one or two still, right? Whatever, I'll cut your hair.

Anonymous said...

"Random Rankings..." = DUMB

Amerincans love countdowns like Germans love the "Hoff".

Anonymous said...

Americans.... !

Spud Lite said...

So I should rename this "COUNTDOWN COLUMBIA HEIGHTS" because I could do that... Would you prefer that? I mean, I make this stuff up, so you know, I can re make it up.

I'll try that tomorrow and see if you approve.