Thursday, August 13, 2009

Classical studies at area bars

I am beyond excited for the new season of Mad Men—season three premieres on Sunday! Since it's one of the booziest shows on TV (I still claim that BSG holds the No. 1 spot), let's take a look at where you can get some classic and otherwise not-so-classic cocktails in Columbia Heights.

The beer or wine list at Commonwealth always distracts me before I have a chance to even review the cocktails. But what I have seen and ordered is always good. Check out its take on classics such as Pimms Cup or Hendrick's Haze. All specialty cocktails are $2 off during happy hour and late-night happy hour.

The Heights
The Heights advertises 14 specialty cocktails for $7.95, or selected ones are $4.50 during happy hour. All are more tropical concoctions and not all are good, but the ginger margarita is quite delicious.

Red Derby
Four nights. Four classic drinks. Take your pick: Sidecar Sundays! Manhattan Mondays! Tom Collins Tuesdays! White Russian Wednesdays!

They serve limoncello. And it is good.

Room 11
My photo of the Room 11 cocktail menu is a bit out of focus, but since the drink menu is not on its website yet this is all we have. First plus, all are under $10. Second plus, the words "house-made" appear often. I am looking forward to having a pisco punch on the patio there soon, but the Andy Murray with Compass Box Asyla Scotch Whiskey and house-made lemon barley water or L'Enfant Lemonade with Laird's Applejack, Lillet Blanc, lemon juice, sugar, and mineral water also sound great.

This place isn't opening up for another week or so, but the full drink menu is online. Like other bars in neighborhood, you will find a cocktail with your drink of choice. I am on champagne-kick, so the $12 French twist with Lillet Blanc, Grand Mariner, and champagne might be my first order.

A sturdy pour of Jameson or a strong mixed-drink? You bet. Red Pill shots that I have to take to catch-up with friends? Yep. But cocktails? Not really Wonderland's thing from my perspective, but you will still find me in the beer garden most weekend afternoons.

What's your favorite place to get a cocktail in the neighborhood or elsewhere in the city?

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