Friday, August 21, 2009

Columbia Heights Countdown: Best Burger

One half of THL used to sell meat for a living, so today we're counting down the best burgers in Columbia Heights.

5. Burger Cookies - Giant
Ok, so this isn't meat. But come on - they are pretty clever! And I'm not going to put a bad burger on here (cough cough - Wonderland) when I could put a coookie!

4. Turkey Burger - The Heights
Did you know that in the midwest the "turkey burger" is non-existent? You don't miss it 'til it's gone... then you realize that The Heights has a good one.

3. Salmon Burger - The Heights
The salmon burger was recently added to the weekend brunch menu. For something different but still with the heft and joy of a burger, this one is pretty darn delicious.

2. Cheeseburger - Five Guys
I like mine with grilled onions. Obama approved Five Guys is delicious and even gourmet fast food, but still - fast food can't top a slow cooked ground beef patty with something fancy on it. Therefore, Five Guys is second of five. And now...

1. The Uncommon Burger - Commonwealth
The grass fed beef at Commonwealth makes for a delicious regular burger, but the "uncommon burger" daily special rotates and never lets you down. Try the Juicy Lucy. And try it with the nose-clearing Coleman's mustard. I know, it's also the most expensive burger in Columbia Heights. But in this case - I think you get what you pay for.

Disagree? Share your own list in the comments section.


Jamie said...

I'm sorry - I like you blog, but you lost all credibility when 2 of your top 5 "burgers" are not made of beef. It's like including "vegetarian chili" in a chili cookoff. It's fine for what it is, but it's definitely not chili.

Jamie said...

Oh I wasn't counting the cookie. But do you mean "Berger cookies" or does Giant have something called a burger cookie? Berger Cookies (the half-chocolate dipped things) are amazing.

ArtBart said...

Berger Cookies are something else all together, and I have seen them at Harris Teeter in Adams Morgan. But #5 is really a burger cookie. Giant's bakery icing team has gone crazy this summer.

Spud Lite said...

Jamie, I believe that there is a beef problem in Columbia Heights. If I could have listed five great beef burgers, I would have. But I don't think we have it - so I put in my favorite "burger" alternatives.

Can you think of five worth mentioning? I mean, Wonderland's beef burger certainly isn't better than The Heights' salmon burger.

Now - I haven't had a burger at Ruby Tuesday's - so maybe I missed a good one.

Jamie said...

My comment was really just on principle. :) Though personally I can't stand turkey burgers, dry and tasteless. Blech. Don't think I've ever had a salmon burger.

But now that you mention it, The Red Derby has a great burger, and they're half price on Mondays. RT's isn't bad either.

Brandon Green said...

I wish Five Guys would start cooking its burgers at least medium rare.