Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chat with Columbia Heights Day Executive Director

Countdown to Columbia Heights Day: T-minus 4 days! Sergio L. Herrera, president and executive director of the Columbia Heights Day Initiative, took a few moments to answer some of our questions over e-mail. August 29 looks to be bigger, bolder, and better than ever.

The Heights Life: How did Columbia Heights Day first start?
Sergio Herrera: Here’s an article written by one of our volunteers that gives you the genesis of the festival. http://www.ontaponline.com/article/11573

[Ed note: Go ahead, read the article. We’ll wait.]

THL: Columbia Heights Day also seems to be the de facto ribbon-cutting for the new Tubman Elementary turf-field, are you going to miss the old dust bowl?

SH: Of course we will. We’ll just have to stand close to the old Metro buses to get our fill of air toxins. The dusty field was of symbolic of how we organized the festival. And now the new field is a good reflection of how far we’ve come along!

[Ed note: We’ll wait again for you to read this WaPo blog post about the official ribbon cutting and how the new field got a 30-yard wide logo with Mayor Fenty’s name on it.]

THL: Why should a neighborhood resident attend Columbia Heights Day?

SH: It’s just the most organic and hands-on festival in DC. For Columbia Heights, by Columbia Heights … Did I mention that it’s free, it’s fun, there’s actual stuff to do. And if you don’t like it, you can join the planning committee for next year’s festival!

THL: Why should a random DCUSA shopper attend Columbia Heights Day?

SH: DCUSA donated money again this year (as well as Wonderland, Chatel Real Estate, BB&T … to name just a few). So in essence, it’s like the shoppers donated. They should come see where their money went!


After you spend all of your money at DCUSA’s various shops, you can come to the festival and not spend a dime (and get more than your money’s worth!).

THL: What are this year’s Columbia Heights Day highlights?

SH: To make a few:
  • Live music and performances
  • 2nd Annual Cupcake Eating Contest (Sponsored by Sticky Fingers)
  • Petting Zoo and Kids Zone
  • Columbia Heights Day After Dark
THL: In a city full of distinct neighborhoods, what do you think makes Columbia Heights so unique?

SH: We hear the term “melting pot” all of the time, Columbia Heights residents are the chefs adding the essential ingredients to that recipe! Our neighborhood is the most diverse, funky mix of people/business in all of DC. What’s really so fun about Columbia Heights is that we are still making it the neighborhood we want it to be ... it’s a cooperative work in progress.


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