Thursday, August 27, 2009

Columbia Heights Cat Wins Coveted Title

A local Columbia Heights cat won a coveted title today, Coolest Cat in PoPville, awarded by the Prince of Petworth.

Ike the Thumb Cat, already famous from his appearances in such high profile pet magazines as, had this to say about his victory, "Meow. Purrrrr."

Coming in a close second and third were Ike's look-alike Oreo and another Columbia Heights local, Oliver the Cat.

Ike will now face stiff competition against the "Other" and "Dog" categories for the title of "Coolest Pet in PoPville."

Still unclear is the fate Twizz, a liquor swilling cat whose owner had this to say about the contest, "Vote for Twizz or I will put him down."


ArtBart said...

Yes! Cuteness wins!

Mr T in DC said...

They're saying "Boo-urns!"... ha ha ha.