Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Room 11: A Welcome Addition

Room 11 is off to a strong start. The new neighborhood wine bar was consistently full on a Monday night this week. And with good food, great wine and a truly welcoming atmosphere, I'm not surprised. A few notes about the Room 11 experience:

  • Seriously, these people couldn't be more excited to have this place and be part of Columbia Heights. They're kind of beaming.
  • Get the cheese and meat plate. The cheese servings are substantial and the speck was fantastic.
  • Try inside and out. Inside is very community, outside is table-centric. Both are solid. And outside you might overhear the awkwardness of a CH first date. We were privy to two.
  • Check your bill though - they are computerless and the hand-tabbing has its flaws.
  • Go back and things may have changed - notably, the menu. ArtBart visited Room 11 on Friday and again on Monday - the menu had already morphed.
  • And finally, The Heights Life is aware that rose' wine is totally pink and obnoxious. And we like it that way. The Room 11 rose' is a lovely shade of rouge and perfect for the 90 degree days.

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