Thursday, June 11, 2009

ANC Update: Malt Liquor Lives, Kishter Comes to Town

The ANC meeting notes go up weeks or months after the meetings, but we've got the latest from last night's meeting thanks to our new ANC correspondent Slowman:

Last night's ANC1A meeting was called to order by chairperson Cliff Valenti at 7:02 p.m. in the muggy cafeteria of Harriet Tubman Elementary.

About 45 people turned out, most of them developers and architects vying for the redevelopment of the Park Morton public housing complex (located between Lamont and Park on Georgia Ave.). Three development teams gave fifteen minute presentations about how they are "uniquely qualified" for the undertaking. Bottom line: One of these development teams will be chosen shortly, but don't expect to see anything new at the site for another five or six years. You can read more about the new community planned at Park Morton here (,A,1365,Q,606315.asp).

Now let's jump to the really important news at the end of meeting! Commissioner Betty Pair's resolution to implement a single sales ban was tabled for future community input. So, fear not, your bottle of malt liquor will still be available for purchase at the local corner store near you!

Also, did you know our ANC wants some new digs?  A resolution that would seek to withdraw from the current lease and acquire new office space was on the agenda, but nothing happened with it. It will be brought up at the next meeting.

The new Third District Substation Inspector Jacob Kishter introduced himself. He replaced the popular Inspector Edward Delgado, who was demoted to the Seventh District earlier this month. Kishter says he is quickly trying to get up to speed on Third District issues. In fact, Kishter says he has been logging 18 and 19 hour days! But the really important news for all you Columbia Heights listserv fans is that Kishter said he will be just as active as his predecessor on it.

His presentation ended with commissioner William Jordan offering this advice to the new Inspector: "You want to know which areas are hotspots? The entire area of [PSA] 302 is a hotspot!" This was followed by chairperson Cliff Valenti noting that, actually, the ANC commissioners are compiling a list of the top 10 hotspots in the area and that it will be given to Inspector Kishter shortly.

What else happened? Apparently the Great Streets Georgia Avenue project has found some more funding and work is very slowly underway to begin designing the streetscape. Also, the Community Health Center at 3020 14th St. NW is undergoing a renovation. But the issue the commissioners wanted to talk about was the lack of parking. Commissioner William Jordan and the health center is working to allow staff and patients to be able to park in the DC USA parking garage for a reduced rate, but Target officials aren't yet sold on that idea.

Meeting adjourned!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, but it would be better without opinions and sarcasm, and was just a straight transcript of what happened, all of the meeting, whether or not the writer found it important or not important.

Spud Lite said...

For snark-free ANC updates you can read the ANC meeting notes when they go online. The Heights Life is a self-described "one-stop snark shop" for Columbia Heights.

Steven Frost said...

Great Snark. Can't wait to read the next one.

Anonymous said...

Oh great, William Jordan is on the job. It's a scary thought that he's actually an elected official now.