Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Violence, Again, 1300 Block of Columbia

Councilmember Jim Graham reports the sad news of yet another fatal shooting on what's become the most dangerous block in Columbia Heights - 1300 Columbia. Clearly police are not a deterrent to the violence that's plagued this street. Light towers, foot patrols, and a mounting death toll haven't stopped it. The question now is what else can they do? And why can't you put up a light tower in the rain?

Dear Friends,

Sadly I must inform you that an adult male (not yet identified) was shot five times in about the same location that Paul Jones was killed on January 9. He was pronounced at the hospital a short time later. This all occurred just after 10 PM.

This is the same block that has had a police post and a light tower every day for months.

The light tower was not up due to the rain. But Cmdr Kucik informs me that the police officer was at the post in the middle of the block at the very time this person was shot. Other officers were nearby and responded immediately.

This means that the shooting occurred just a stone's throw from a police officer. He heard the shots and went to the body.

We are awaiting more information.

Councilmember Jim Graham


ArtBart said...

Washington Post article:

Alex said...

The light tower wouldn't have helped anyway, it was behind the row of buildings on the south side of Columbia, where the light tower is.