Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh, Holy Fuck, No!

Spotted: DC Summer Interns is easily tied with The Anti-Real World DC as my new favorite seasonal local blog. Yes, I was once a summer intern, but I was already a student here in DC and was damn good at my job. Drinking underage was also much easier in those days, so much so that I knew where to go and where not to go.

So, I was SHOCKED upon reading this post:

Heard: Wonderland is the New Smith Point

Six summer interns were sitting at a table next to mine last night at dinner.  As we're getting up to leave I overheard the following conversation:

Female intern: We should go to this bar Wonderland Ballroom.  I heard it's pretty good.
Male intern #1: Isn't that the bar where you need to be on a list to get in?
Male intern #2: I heard it's a secret password.

Ah yes, and Smith Point is a hipster dive bar in Georgetown.  Have fun using your fake IDs kids. Please stay far, far away from Columbia Heights.

Yes, please stay far-far far-far away from Columbia Heights. Don't you know that the neighborhood is violent and scary and no interns should go there. If you must stay after your Target trip for a mini-fridge and fan, Nori has 59-cent sushi rolls on Thursdays. And happy hour drink specials, too! 

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Anonymous said...

Lesse... on the table is the prospect of a bunch of 19 to 22 year old girls, who will be moving back to Kansas in 2 months, coming to Wonderland and getting drunk.

Wow. That sounds awful.