Friday, June 12, 2009

Commonwealth Launches Pub Quiz this Sunday

The Quizmaster of Georgia Avenue is coming to town.

Looking Glass Lounge trivia czar Dalton Q. Hirshorn will be expanding his trivia repertoire and launching a new pub quiz night in conjunction with Columbia Heights' very own Commonwealth Gastropub this SUNDAY at 7PM.

The basics: Five rounds of trivia, a TBD number of players per team, and Commonwealth's excellent beer selection.

For now, it's going to be every other Sunday - but if DC's geeks come out as I expect they will, I think we might get another weekly quiz night in CH.

Why should you try it out?

"You can hang out & drink with your friends without actually talking about anything meaningful. Also, if you win, you'll get the warm & fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing you've bested someone else," said Quizmaster Hirshorn.

Also, there are prizes.

And in case you haven't ever been one of the Quizmaster's trivia nights, you should expect "Alex Trebek, but not the real Alex Trebek, Will Farrell as Alex Trebek hosting 'Celebrity Jeopardy.'"

But don't worry, Dalton isn't Canadian, so it's still safe to go.

ALSO: We hear the Wonderland is looking for a new top gun to organize and run their Monday night trivia fete. We further hear William Jordan applied for the job.

One of the last two sentences is a lie, FYI.

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Anonymous said...

If William Jordan becomes the new host of Wonderland's Trivia night, then I expect the answer to all questions will be "The Graham - Tangherlini gentrification development scheme"