Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Countdown to Chipotle Begins

Less than 120 days until you can get your burrito and burrito bowl fix in Columbia Heights! The Prince of Petworth is reporting that Chipotle officially signed its lease with Donatelli Development to open in Kenyon Square. Build out should take about three to four months before we receive some sweet, sweet burrito-y goodness.


fieldsy said...

Why can't Cola Heights attract more local and small businesses to the area? I would be more excited if
Well Dressed Burrito
was expanding into the neighborhood. Chipotle is just another chain that diminishes the neighborhood feeling.

Alex said...

News flash... 14th Street south of Park does not have a "neighborhood feeling" to diminish. I'd have preferred Baja Fresh, but I'm just glad I'll be able to have burritos within ready access.

Andy said...

Please... If anyone prefers to support local business, wander a few blocks north to 14th and Otis and try my favorite spot: Taqueria Distrito Federal. I like Chipotle as much as the next guy, but Taqueria DF's burritos are authentic Mexican and better than anything I've ever gotten from a franchise.

Alex said...

Sorry, but when I'm hungry the first burrito that appears in my path is mine.