Monday, June 29, 2009

THL Prediction Come True: Nori Dies

The Heights Life kinda hated Nori. We had nothing but crap service and mediocre food there, and it was too bad since it's such an interesting space and good location. Alas, our predictions of Nori's death seem to have come true. RIP Nori Asia Bistro. But oh well - we still have Pho 14... and that place is actually good.

I know, some of you liked it there and will be mad that we're not mad that it's dead. But well, it is. And now hopefully something better will go in there... because it can't get much worse. That place sucked.

Here's the CH Forum chatter on the topic. And here's a link to our past posts on Nori.


Anonymous said...

I actually always had good service and good food there. Sorry your experiences differed. I was really happy to have sushi so close to my apartment. Bummer.

binklesworth said...

I thought the service and food was fine. Always friendly wait staff and bartenders. The food was good, as well, and one of the few places we could eat in the area with our dietary (vegan) restrictions. I think the space just didn't flow nicely, and lack of outdoor seating hurt them. Perhaps that space should just reintegrate with the rest of the theater.
And, I've had way better experiences there than at The Heights - where I have refused to go after their staff was beyond rude.

Wishing all the former Nori staff well.

Spud Lite said...

We once were seated at Nori, waited for a good 10 minutes... nobody came by. We waited another 5... no water, no acknowledgment, no service in sight even as we tried to catch an eye. We then got up and left the restaurant - the long way out past where the host stand is - and no one ever noticed.

And the time we were actually served at Nori the food took forever, half of it didn't come out until we reminded them that we'd ordered it, and one of the sushi rolls did not taste right at all - it was blatantly disgusting. Everything else was simply mediocre.

I like the idea of a sushi place in the neighborhood, but I really found this one to be useless to me.

Glad other people had a nice time there, just never happened for me.

Anonymous said...

Nori (in my experience) evolved for the better as time went by. The sushi was always just acceptable to me, not world-beating best ever....just acceptable. In other words I never had anything bad. Service seemed to especially improve from the early days to a point that it was pretty good during our visits.

Oh well, here's to whatever enters the space next. We need some more restaurants around here.

PS I'm not mad that you're not mad. Love the blog!

Anonymous said...

Unless they turn the whole building back into a theater, that space is always going to be a disaster - especially for restaurants. It's expensive real estate coupled with a terrible layout.

Whatever restaurant opens there next will be more of the same and will close within 2 years.