Monday, June 29, 2009

First Lady Makes Health Grant Announcement in Columbia Heights

This isn't the first time Michelle Obama has visited the neighborhood, or the first time Unity Health Care hosted a high profile visitor, but it is the most recent. The First Lady was at the Upper Cardozo Health Center this afternoon to announce $851 million in recovery grants for community health centers. The Upper Cardozo Health Center will receive $2.5 million in funds, enabling it to build 20 new exam rooms able to handle 24 percent more patients. Five grantees in DC will get a total of $4.4 million in funds.

“Community Health Centers provide care to the Americans who need it most and their work has never been more important,” said Obama in her remarks. “These grants will help Unity’s Upper Cardozo and thousands of centers across the country expand and serve more Americans who simply can’t afford insurance coverage anymore."

According to the pool report, she also discussed childhood obesity, teen pregnancy, and early literacy with staff and guests at the health center.

Image from Reuters via Yahoo! News.

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