Monday, June 8, 2009

Real World DC: The House and the Haters

I'm sorry, but yes - it's another blog post about the Real World DC.

DCist won't say it's totally true yet, but everyone in Washington is calling this place in Dupont the new Real World DC house. The Heights Life had to park near there Sunday and judging by the construction and the satellite equipment on the roof - this place is indeed going to be home to seven strangers picked to be obnoxious as fuck all around our otherwise just dull enough town.

Our new favorite Real World DC related project is this blog: The Anti-Real World DC. The blogger is apparently a neighbor who intends to heckle. Hey - Anti-Real World DC, if you invite us over for a heckling party, we'll totally bring beer and our own chairs.

Also, randomly outside the house - 2000 S Street NW - there was a freshly planted herb garden. Will DC's seven strangers be growing their own basil or something?


AntiRealWorldDC said...

thanks, you're our favorite too!

Real World said...

You can never have to many blog posts about The Real World DC. This is going to be the gift that keeps on giving all summer. ;)