Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What Are You Waiting For? Thai Tanic / Uptowner Edition

Eventually, they will come. Social, Room 11, Meridian Pint...
And also these two. First, Thai Tanic. The sign still promises Summer 2009, so they've got three months minus three days to make it happen. Clock starts now.

Thai Tanic was the only notable sign up in the Allegro. I've got no insight into their retail space, but most of it still had "lease me" signs in the windows.
I'm also wondering what the deal is with Uptowner Cafe. Any tips? The "Coming Soon" sign has been up for ages, the interior does not appear ready, but now there is a column covered in a menu sign, too.
I am not a CH luncher, so I doubt I'll even notice this place. Email if you see any action there.

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