Saturday, June 20, 2009

Councilmember Graham's Intern = Metro Shooter

I wanted to name this post "When Interns Attack," but figured I would be accused of making light of a scary and sad situation, but subhead: When Interns Attack.

The lead on the news this morning was none other than Councilmember Jim Graham explaining how his intern was the CH metro shooter and that he was the one who brought him in to be booked. The police then pointedly said they didn't advise others to do what Councilmember Graham did - driving an armed young man with an open arrest warrant to the police station. I personally think that Graham's actions were brave and commendable. I also think it commendable that he hires diverse and possibly at-risk youth to intern in his office. Here's the email from Councilmember Graham explaining the situation:

Dear Friends:

This morning I sent out the message, below.

By early afternoon, I received a call from media with a rumor that the shooter was an intern in my office.

I could hardly believe what I heard...all the same, I confronted the young man with this incredible report. He had started work in my office only this week, and had been absent for the better part of two days.

He had been at the Convention Center for the summer youth program. In response to my direct questions, he denied any involvement with the afternoon shooting.

I also contacted a high ranking MPD official, who assured me that MPD at that time had no suspects.

I then went to the Mayor's press conference on gang violence at 14th and Irving. During the press conference, I heard MPD announce that they had a suspect and expected to make an arrest before the end of the day.

When I got back to the office, after 5 PM, all the interns had left. But I received a call from MPD saying they had a warrant for the intern's arrest on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

I then called the intern, whose is a 19 year old named Devyn Black, and told him there was a warrant out for his arrest.

I advised him that the best course for action was for him to turn himself in, and cooperate with eh police.

I offered to come and get him in my car and take him to the Third District headquarters at 17th and V.

He agreed, and I went and got him. He surrendered to police and 3D, was charged and is now in custody.

It's very sad and upsetting. But he did the right thing ultimately.

Have a good and safe weekend, Bests Councilmember Jim Graham

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james in washington & maine said...

I think our councilman's actions were irresponsible and dangerous and just plain stupid. He knew there was an arrest warrant for someone that had shot a gun at people in the center of our neighborhood in the middle of the afternoon. So what does Jim do? Calls the shooter and tries to talk him into doing "the right thing". The right thing for Jim to do would have been to help get the police to the guy ASAP. He put himself and others in danger by doing something else. To add insult to injury - he closes his letter by sympathizing with the armed and violent offender rather than those of us who were steps away when it happened.