Friday, June 5, 2009

A meta take on the It's-Happening-Right? Real World: DC

I have to give why.i.hate.dc props for the Matchbox 20 reference, but is this a dig at us?

First "DC resident" activity they'll partake in: Start a blog with photos of neighborhood row houses as a backdrop.

You can admit, we can take it. Should the Real World: DC speculation turn out to be true and filming indeed starts later this month, is anyone else worried about the cataclysmic event of drunk reality show wannabes and incompetent wannabe politicos in the city at the same time? The world might implode. Or DC might sink back into the swamp.


Anonymous said...

I thought of your blog too when I read that, but realistically the net effect of this show on life in DC will be zero. The only locations which see benefits from reality TV exposure are small time vacation spots.

Brandon said...

First Obama, now Real World!

Dave said...

I believe it's a dig at you and the 1,000 other blogs that have rowhouses as their header image :)

Spud Lite said...

Ours are legit Columbia Heights rowhouses!