Thursday, July 2, 2009

From the mailbox: Question about unzoned parking in Columbia Heights

A reader asks: "I have some friends driving down this weekend and I'm trying to figure out which streets in Columbia Heights are unzoned. I'm on Lamont between 11th and 13th. Any suggestions?"

Since this is a holiday weekend, all parking restrictions are suspended on Friday and Saturday. From the DC Department of Public Works:
  • Parking enforcement for meters, rush hour ticketing and towing, residential parking, abandoned vehicles towing, and booting will be suspended.  Other violations – blocking a fire hydrant, crosswalk, bus stop, or driveway – will be enforced.
For other times, though, most of Columbia Heights is zoned parking. In pre-DCUSA days, weekend parking for visitors was fairly easy to find (minus Sunday mornings) and with few limitations. The arrival of the retail complex also brought about weekend parking restrictions for most streets within a 2-block radius of the complex.

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Anonymous said...

Just run down to the MPD station on Park Road and get a visitor's pass. It only takes about 5 minutes. Well worth the investment. Otherwise parking ticktets run about $100.