Friday, July 10, 2009

Trinity Towers Shooting Memorial Debate

If you've walked down 14th Street in the last month since the shooting in front of Trinity Towers, you've probably seen the make-shift memorial to the young man who was killed. With booze bottles as a tribute and gang violence as the cause of the shooting, the memorial has quickly become controversial.

Now one resident has contacted Council Member Jim Graham asking him to take it down. She posted about it at the CH Forum where some of the forum's top demagogues have cried foul. You can read the debate here.

What do you think? Should the memorial be taken down? Was it appropriate to begin with?


Anonymous said...

It's fine for a week or so, but then it needs to come down. We all lose friends and family to death. If we created a memorial like that for everyone, the streets would soon be overcome with trash.

Brandon Green said...

Wish I had something more profound to say than that there's no easy answer to this problem.