Saturday, July 25, 2009

When Tools Attack: Wonderland Edition

Oh Wonderland, so blissful on a lazy Saturday afternoon or Sunday night. So friendly during the sundress party. So Columbia Heights on some days... and then there's Friday and Saturday nights.

And this Friday night, the tools attacked. Apparently a party bus rolled up outside, the kiddies (interns?) poured out, and then there was the dreaded line.


Tool: Dude, they are from California and some of us are already inside, can't you just let them in.
Wonderland Bartender: Everyone is from California, the line is back there.
Tool: Come on bro, help me out.
Wonderland Bartender: Sorry.


Girl: This line is full of Nebraskans! I bet they haven't seen a Nebraska ID before!

Right... because here in DC nobody is from anywhere else like you. You must be special.

Proposed idea for next ANC meeting: Banning party buses from 11th Street? Where are you William Jordan? You'll love that idea!


Alex said...

I'm so glad I didn't venture out last weekend... seeing a line of douches at my favorite drink spot would've been very disheartening.

Bro. Nat said...

Hey, leave me out of this. The Wonderland crew is under different rules, I'll be happy if they just clean up the public space behind themselves each morning. :)

kate said...

We really wondered what had changed about the Wonderland! We ended up just going home, because waiting in line was completely not our thing. How weird!

Mr T in DC said...

FWIW I saw a tour bus filled with young people, possibly interns or something, at the corner of 14th and Irving yesterday morning. Perhaps there was something unusual going on, a conference or tour, and they ended up going to Wonderland.

Then again, after living next to the zoo for several years, one or two tour buses full of tools doesn't faze me much.