Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pete's Apizza Straight to Your Stoop

You may have seen this on the Twitter, but just in case you didn't...

Pete's Apizza is starting delivery next TUESDAY, July 7. Not sure what the delivery area is, but we've issued that inquiry.

So, when it's raining... when you're hungover... when you just want the pizza to come to you... you can now ask Pete's. (You can also ask Mr. Chen's or DC Noodles for food, too - THL likes those places.)

I wonder if this announcement has less to do with Pete's recent public survey and more to do with the Washingtonian telling President Obama to try Pete's. Is a White House delivery in the works?

1 comment: said...

hey liz -- did you get my email last night to your heightslife account on gmail? is there a better one? sent you all the deets. great pic - margarita is my favorite pizza. mmm.