Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jim Graham Engages WSC on Security

Council Member Jim Graham will defend Washington Sports Club patrons everywhere! Or, at least in Columbia Heights.

The story has been everywhere - but a recap: One WSC gym patron had to take security matters into his own hands when a man with a bolt cutter stole his stuff in the men's locker room. He chased, he yelled, and WSC staff seemed to do something. The thief was apprehended, but the gym-goer is still livid. See the comments section on this post for more of his thoughts.

Now - Jim Graham has this to say to the gym hero:

Thank you for sharing this story and for the actions you took entirely on your own volition. I also want to applaud the off-duty police officer and guard at Bed Bath Beyond who eventually apprehended the thief.

I have copied Drew Greenwald with DC-USA on this email to bring this incident to his attention. I am requesting he work with Washington Sports Club to review their security procedures in the locker rooms and front desk coverage.

Let's keep in touch.

Bests, Jim Graham

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