Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pete's: It's the little things

I am blogging about a brown bag. Yeah, I know - that's weird. But I went to get some food to go at Pete's Apizza tonight and felt inspired to write about how they get the little things right.

They have new to go bags - thin paper with a handle. Easy to carry, probably eco-friendly.

The lovely young woman behind the counter also offered me some water while I waited, noticing that I hadn't ordered a drink.

And the non-pizza food, the food that probably matters less like the soup and antipasta, it's delicious. I had the antipasta and soup tonight. If you haven't tried the soup there, it's almost always excellent. And they have new bread to go with it, also excellent.

I almost wish Pete's got more wrong so I would spend less money and eat at home more often.

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Alex said...

the salad is good too. I love Pete's!