Saturday, July 11, 2009

Great Green Places: Columbia Heights

The National Building Museum has been doing a series on Great Green Places and just featured Columbia Heights. There's some great info on the civic plaza in front of Park Triangle, as well as an admission that DCUSA has way too much parking and the city wasn't expecting so many people to walk or Metro to the retail center. AND - Council Member Jim Graham makes an appearance. The focus is on "transit and mixed-use facilities." Check it out here or watch below.

Great Green Places: Columbia Heights from National Building Museum on Vimeo.


Brad said...

I love that negotiations over parking is the only reason that DCUSA doesn't have a Whole Foods. They could have given WF half the parking and still had way too much.

Justin from ReadysetDC said...

YAY! Cool video. The result of the whole parking situation is that now its a big example for the city and retailers that want to come here. You do NOT need lots of parking to be successful in transit-oriented neighborhoods like CH.